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Episode 1 - Mistaken

A young man born with Cerebral Palsy wrestles to the point of suicide with a foundational question: does God make mistakes?

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Episode 2 - LOST

A man raises a new generation of Christ-Followers after turning from his rebellious childhood and accepting the call into pastoral ministry.

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Episode 3 - SCARRED

A boy turns his life to focus on the Lord after suffering third degree burns caused by a family camping trip that cover 40% of his body.

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Episode 4 - broken

A Christ-centered family is formed through unlikely twists in the road after a single mother is left broken from her first abusive marriage.

Brad and Autum Hearon

Episode 5 - Ruined

Two burn victims are united with the Lord and each other with a common goal to spread His Word after a meth explosion and a high school chemistry lab fire.